Our Proposal

We went to my work holiday party on Friday December 13th 2013. the party wasn’t over, but people were starting to leave. I don’t dance so I didn’t really have a problem leaving, but watching everyone dance is always entertaining, so I was slow to leave. Eric had a sense of urgency which I didn't understand.

We get to my apartment, and he said he had to change his shoes. The plan was to drop him off at his car, and drive to Frederick . I had to use the restroom before the drive, so I left him at the car, changing his shoes (what?! lol) and ran in. I went upstairs to my bathroom, and when I came down he said come here, and handed me a package. He said it was random present day.


The package was a photo book, of all the pictures throughout the first two years of dating.
I am reading the book, and making comments and laughing, and turned to the last page. The page that said will you marry me?


I fell backwards, covered my face with the book, and started crying. I yelled “I didn’t think this would happen today!!!”
I sat back up and he was on his knee and asked me to marry him. I of course said yes!
He put my ring on, and it was amazing.

IMG_20131214_104029 (1)

The ring setting was Eric's dad's mom's engagement ring. Eric had a center stone put in. I love it, and the sentimental aspect too!

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