How We Met

Angela and Eric met on Eric's 29th birthday (though we think we have actually been together at Jess and Travis' house before, but never talked - and Eric doesn't remember meeting Angela until the next day)

Angela was invited to Bethany Beach to ring in 2012 by her high school friend Jessica.

Angela, who had gotten out of a long term relationship 6 months earlier, wasn't sure she wanted to go. She really wanted to be with her college friends, but she didn't want to start the new year off with her ex, who was friends with a lot of her friends. So she agreed to go to Bethany.

Angela had to babysit Friday night, so she left for the beach very late. Driving to the beach, she almost turned around 3 times, wanting to be with friends she knew rather than only one or two people she knew and a lot of people she didn't know. (While running the options past people in an effort to decide, someone said "maybe you will meet someone" and she laughed.)

When Angela got there, Eric was already celebrating his birthday, and though he talked to Angela, when she got up the next morning and went into the kitchen where Eric was, he looked at her and said "when did you get here?" Clearly she made an impression.

They spent New Years Eve together, hanging out, basically Angela laughing at the antics of the boys in the house, mixed with the decision to hang out outside without shoes on in January (at least is was a warm January) When Angela came in, she asked Eric to let her put her cold feet under his butt to warm them up. They sat on the couch talking and watching TV until Angela fell asleep.

Eric friended Angela on FB about a week after their return from Bethany Beach and they started chatting on Facebook every day, eventually getting her number and texting al the time.

In February, Eric invited Angela to his Super Bowl party and there was a lot of flirting.

Eric mentioned to Angela he wasn't working on President's Day, and she was offered the day off, so she took it, and they decided to have a date.

Angela went to Eric's house and they decided to go downtown for lunch, after lunch they walked, and walked, and walked and then eventually decided to go to a movie. While waiting for the movie, they found cute Redskins stuff for Jess and Travis' new baby (gummy bear) so after the movie they went to their house after and they cooked us dinner. They spent the whole day together.

Angela could tell this was different, and was cautiously optimistic.

They continued to text/talk daily and then started hanging out a lot and they rest as they say is history.

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